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Mountain Watercare Technologiesis one of India’s leading diversified Water Treatment services groups. Mountain Watercare Technologies offers an integrated suite of Water Tratment services including Water Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Chemicals. Mountain Watercare Technologiesis is headquartered at Old Sangvi Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Assuring Quality Water

Mountain Watercare Technologies is a total water treatment solutions company with wide range of product and services. The company is managed by qualified team of technocrats with more than three years of experience in water treatment processes and products. We understand our customer 's problems and work with our customers as solution providers. Therefore, We look at each enquiry as different & arrive at customize solutions. Our tech support team consists of qualified personnel who build and engineer each water treatment product/System. All water treatment system are designed for ease of installation and trouble free operation and maintenance in mind. Our commitment is to provide quality product and prompt after sales service. We believe in continoues improvement and value added servises to the customer.

Water is often called the UNIVERSAL SOLVENT – a property that can cause unwanted side effects for industrial applications. Water can dissolve many substances, including gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide. As a result, water can not only cause corrosion of metals but also form scale. The life-giving properties of water can also encourage bacterial growth that can foul system surfaces. These problems require proper treatment and control to maintain any water system in order to serve the process effectively and efficiently.

CONDITIONED WATER- so critical to effective industrial performance- at every step from intake to effluent requires the finest of technology. Water Treatment describes those processes used to make water more acceptable for a desired end – use. In order to achieve this objective, we provide range of water treatment plants and chemicals.