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Maintenance & Associated Services

  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Descaling/Cleaning Practise
  • Supply of Ultra Pure Water

Operation & Maintenance

Keeping in tune with our business propositions, to be a true provider of clear and complete solution, we consider service to be a crucial part of the treatment program. Our professionals provide below-mentioned services in order to test and stabilize treatment initiatives:

  • 1) System Survey 2) Programme Selection & Recommendations 3) Application & Monitoring 4) Monthly Trend Reports 5) Treatment Review & Audit 6) Programme Optimisation

We do undertake Operation & Maintenance (O&M) / Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of all the water treatment plants . We provide all the spares and services associated with it.

Descaling/Cleaning Practise

Descaling/Chemical cleaning is more effective for the removal of inorganic and organic deposits from process lines and equipments. Our cleaning program is a combination of three elements. Solvents (acid, alkali, surfactant), Fluid velocity (stirring, spraying, agitation) and heat (hot water or hot surface). Cleaning is divided into two categories: pre operational cleaning and routine maintenance cleaning. Descaling/cleaning practice consists of safe and uniform cleaning of deposit (scaling/rust) from the heat transfer surfaces, process line without metal corrosion followed by proper passivation to check electrochemical reaction after cleaning.

Supply of Ultra Pure Water

We also supply Water of Highest Purity (upto < 0.2 µS/cm) for various industrial applications. Beside this, we can also supply Water Treatment Plants on Lease basis for three years or more , only in case of large water requirements on daily basis.

We do set-up Minral Water Bottling Plant also.